Kevin O'Connor


Kevin O'Conner
"Kevin O'Connor has appeared in thirty plays the last three seasons: pre-Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off, including 'Six From La Mama', for which he was honored with the Vernon Rice-Drama Desk Award and an Obie. He has just returned from a European tour with the La Mama Troupe, which concluded in London's West End with 'Tom Paine', with Mr. O'Connor in the title role."

Program for "Hung" and "Roommates"; Two Plays by Thomas Murrin (1968) [OBJ.1968.0022]
Pussies And Rookies (1965), Six Plays From The '65-'66 European Tour (1966), Birdbath (1981), Hessian Corporal, The (1966), Niagara Falls (1967), Tom Paine (Part I) (1967), Times Square (1968), Melodrama Play (1968), Futz (1968), Two Plays By Thomas Murrin (1968), "Chicago," "Futz" and "Melodrama" in St. Croix (1968), Raven Rock, The (1969), Gloria and Esperanza (1970b), Gloria and Esperanza (1970a), "Times Square," "Melodrama Play," And "Futz" (1967), "Little Mother" And "Birdbath" (1981), Making Kaspar (1984), Dark And Mr. Stone, The; Part 1, Death in the Hollyhocks (1985) , Dark And Mr. Stone, The; Part 2, Murder In The Magnolias (1985), "Hurrah for Bridge" and "Chicago" in Paris (1965), "Birdbath" and "Thank You, Miss Victoria" and "War" in Paris (1965), "America Hurrah" and "The Circus" and "Hurrah for the Bridge" in Copenhagen (1965), "Thank You, Miss Victoria" and "Birdbath" and "War" in Copenhagen (1965), "The Recluse" and "The Circle" and "Chicago" in Copenhagen (1965), "This is the Rill Speaking" and "Chicago" in Copenhagen (1966), "Birdbath" and "War" in Copenhagen (1966), "Pavane" and "Homo" in Zagreb (1966), "Chicago" in Zagreb (1966), "Pavane" and "Tattoo Parlor" in Copenhagen (1966), "The Hessian Corporal" and "Times Square" in Baltimore (1967), "Futz" and "Tom Paine" in Munich (1967), "Tom Paine" in Spoleto (1967), "Times Square," "Futz" and "Melodrama Play" in Copenhagen (1967), La MaMa Repertory Troupe at Mickery Theater (1967), La MaMa Repertory Troupe at Edinburgh International Festival (1967), La MaMa Repertory Troupe in London (1967), "Tom Paine" in London (1967), "Times Square" at The Cosmopolitan Club (1968), Halloween (1967), 6 From La MaMa (1966), Underground (1992)