H.M. Koutoukas


Haralambos Monroe Koutoukas, Harry Koutoukas, HM Koutoukas
H.M. "Harry" Koutoukas (June 4, 1937 – March 6, 2010) was a surrealist playwright, actor and teacher. Along with Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson, Doric Wilson, Tom Eyen and Robert Patrick, Koutoukas was among the artists who gave birth to the Off-Off Broadway theatre movement of the 1960s and 1970s. From Robert Patrick, in 2005: "H.M. Koutoukas, besides being a poet of the stage and one of the finest writers, literary-wise, who ever wrote for the American stage, was the poet of the Caffe Cino. He created terms and phrases which passed right into our daily language. It was he, for instance, who labeled jealous or bitchy persons, "piranhas." He called his stage managers, "clutter coordinators." Our productions mounted entirely with five-and-dime materials from a nearby store inspired his label "tacky glamour." The drug culture he called the "cobra cult." He named me, as I did any task that needed doing at the Caffe Cino, "Greta Garbage." And Harry was the first person I ever heard describe pretty young men as "Twinkies." I believe he coined the term. Harry could not have come to full flower had there not been the Caffe Cino, and the Cino would have been missing an important element of its atmosphere had he not brought in his curious combination of erudition, exoticism, and intellectual playfulness. My single favorite Koutoukas moment was when I took him to see Maria Montez in "Cobra Woman." Amazingly, he had never seen this lurid, overblown romance, although he had heard fans describe it and sometimes referred to it in his work. As he sat beside me in Howard Ottway's tiny movie theatre, full of anxious anticipation, and the first image came on the screen--a lush, tropical, technicolor lagoon, Harry grasped my arm and gasped, 'Bob! Is that a setting or a costume?'"

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1937 – 2010
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