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Schubert Foundation
Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights (1972), Julia Caesar (1974), Beauty and the Beast, The (1973a), Beauty and the Beast, The (1973b), Phantom Ruin, The (1973), Silent Prayer (1973), Magic Show of Dr. Ma-gico, The (1973), Sounds of a Silent Man (1973), Ophelia/Evening Raga (1973), Crumbs (1973), Dance of the Ancient Mariner (1973), Silver Queen (1973), Sacred Guard (1973), Myths of America Smith or Pappy Crumb's Treefrog Beer, The (1973), Return of the Phoenix, The (1973a), Serenade (1973a), Obituary of Dreams (1973), Return of the Phoenix, The (1973b), Rev. Brown's Daughter (1973), Pushover (1973), Francesco: The Life And Times Of The Cencis (1973a), Serenade (1973b), Measure for Measure (1973), ...And All The Trimmings (1973), Jilsa (1974), Getout! (1974), Golem, The (1974), Lecture or Harry Nemo is Mad Again!, The (1974), Frame (1974), Crow (1974), Crow (1974), Call Me Charlie (1974), Night Before Thinking, The (1974a), East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon (1974), Troyer (1974), C.O.R.F.A.X. (Don't Ask) (1975), Mr. Jello (1974), Ghosts and Goddesses (1974), "Nancy's Tragic Period" and "Tan My Hide" (1974), Stone (1974), "Calm Down Mother" and "The Gloaming, Oh My Darling" (1974), Twentieth Century Limited, The (1974), Maldoror (1974), Herman Melville's "Pierre, Or The Ambiguities" (1974), Fragments Of A Trilogy (1974), Big Mother (1974), Ekathrina Sobechanskaya Dances with the Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company (1974c), Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1974), Ark (1974), Shadow of Evil, The (Or Dracula, The Undead) (1974), Julie (1974), Mashiach (1974), N'Uncle (1974), Trilogy (1974), Must Be/The Noose (1974), Beast Story, A (1974), Horse Opera (1974), "The Nothing Kid" and "Standard Safety" (1974), Evening of Kathakali Dance, An (1975), "Schubert's Last Serenade" and "The Final Analysis" and "The Super Lover" (1975), Good Woman of Setzuan, The (1975), "Picture Of Innocence, A" And "The Workshop" (1975), Secret Place, The (1975), Sayaw Silangan (1975), Untitled Piece By The Grand Union Dance Group (1975), Madam Senator (1975), Hotel Paradiso (1975), Ekathrina Sobechanskaya Dances With The Original Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company (1975), Lazarus (1975), Revengers Tragaedie, The (1975), Myths Of America Smith and His Son, The (1975), Human Voice, The (1976), Gauntlet or The Moon's On Fire (1976), Good Woman of Setzuan, The (1976), "Twilight" and "Saul" (1976), Ilo Experience, The (1976), Zainamoh (1976), Journeys to the Source (1976), Rat's Mass, A (1976), Boutique, La (1976), Sounds in Motion (1976), Godsong (1976a), Brothers (1976), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1976), Who Chooses the Choices We Choose (1976), Godsong (1976b), "Festoons" and "Oh...Nothing" (1977), Godsong (1977), Songs at Twilight (1977), Lament for Rastafari (1977), Hellbent for Heaven (1977), Vox Humana #3: A Love Song (1977), Selection, The (1977), Macbeth (1977), Caligula (1977), Phedre and Oedipus (1977), Seven Deadly Elements, The (1977), Slow Poison / Small Fires (1978), Tempest, The (1978), Coolest Cat in Town, The (1978), Juba (1978), Winston Tong in 3 Solo Pieces (1978), Fragments Of A Trilogy: "The Trojan Women" And "Electra" (1978), Silver Queen Saloon (1978), Book of Etiquette, A (1978), La MaMa-C.E.T.A. Cabaret (1978), Contradictions (1978), Jack Sound (1978), There Appeared a Knight (1978), American Babies (1978), "Agamos El Amor Sin H" and "El Cepillo de Dientes" (1978), Ultraje (1978), Jazz Composer Showcase (1978), Through This Black Woman's Eyes (1978), My Old Friends (1978), Gulliver's Travels (1978), Missionary Ridge (1978), 360 Degrees of Feeling (1978), Hearing Solar Winds (1979), Franky L. Ruby (1979), Book of Etiquette, A (1979), Fugue in a Nursery (1979), Dead Class, The (1979), Servant of Two Masters, The (1979), Dark Twist (1979), Re-Arrangements (1979), Winston Tong in Two Pieces (1979), God's Forgotten (1979), Fragments Of A Trilogy (1979), Dreams of a Mischievous Heart Shipwrecked on Illusion (1979), God! It's Too Late (1979), Elisabeta I (1979), O Scrisoare Pierduta (1979), 1001 Instruments You've Never Seen or Heard (1979), And The Soul Shall Dance (1979a), Vulgar Lives (1979), Moroccan Middle Eastern Evening Of Music And Dance, A (1979), Recent Ruins (1979), Drawing Room Tragedy (1979), Piece Of Monologue, A (1979), Mystic Paper Beasts In 'A Celestial Circus', The (1979/1980), Nutcracker In The Land Of Nuts, The (1979/1980), As You Like It (1980), Laughing Stone: Solo Work By Sin Cha Hong, Tutti Non Ci Sono (1980), Revenge of Mami Wata, The (1980), I Can't Keep Running In Place (1980), Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1980), Theatre Express Production Of Gertrude Stein's "Made By Two" (1980), Chopelia (1980), Statues of Wax (1980), Grey Night's Potation, A (1980), Boy Meets Swan (1980), Katana (The Sword) (1980), Two Stories By Isaac Bashevis Singer: 'From The Diary Of One Not Born' And 'Gimpel The Fool' (1980), Piece Of Monologue, A (1981), Zainamoh (1982), "Bedtime Story" And "Pound On Demand" (1978)