Everyman Company


"The Everyman Company, founded in 1968 by the noted actress Geraldine Fitzgerald and Brother Jonathan, O.S.F., has functioned basically, since then, as a street theatre. Two years ago, utilizing the talents of young people who had performed in the streets, the Everyman Company produced its first indoor work, 'Everyman and Roach' at the Ethical Culture Society and repeated the work last year with a new musical score at the Cafe La Mama... This summer the Everyman Company continues its street theatre in two communities of the city: Harlem and Bay Ridge, with its rock version of 'Macbeth' called 'Mr. Esteban'. These companies will play throughout the summer in the streets of our city and hopefully will be re-staged for another indoor production in the fall."

Program for "The Francis-Day" (1973) [OBJ.1973.0189]