Mary Mitchell


THE LOVE LECTURE was first produced with Mitchell's play ENACTMENTat La Mama Theatre, New York, in August 1967, with Baby Jane Holtzer as Girl, Leon Russom as Lecturer, Ron Link directing and Noah Howard composing. "Mary Mitchell is a filmwriter, playwright, director and songwriter who for the last few yeas has been based in New York City. After a B.A. at the University of Toronto, she did graduate work in film and theatre at Columbia University. She continued studying theatre under Eric Bently, Harold Clurman, and Lee Strasberg, and at the same time furthered her interest in film. She brings concsiderable production experience to her plays, which include THE LOVE CHILD, THE RED QUEEN, THE LOVE LECTURE, ENACTMENT, WHOPUT THE BLOOD ON MY LONG-STEMMED ROSE? and THE GIANT KILLER."