John Dodd


J.P. Dodd, Johnny Dodd
"John P. Dodd, the light man at the legendary Caffè Cino in Greenwich Village in the early sixties, assisted at the birth of Off-Off-Broadway and collaborated with key figures in New York's downtown world of theatre and dance. This book, illustrated with rare period photographs, recounts Dodd's colorful life and career from the unique perspective of playwright and director Michael Smith, drama critic of The Village Voice and his intimate companion in that transformative decade. Smith's personal narrative, thoughtful recollections by friends and colleagues, and Dodd's own words attest to his originality and unusual force of character. A year-by-year record of his wide-ranging work as a lighting designer confirms the importance of his theatrical art."

Summary of Michael Smith's Johnny! Fast Books (June 1, 2011) at, (Accessed July 10, 2014)
Vacation, The (1964), La MaMa E.T.C. presents the first Coffee House Theatre Festival featuring "So Who's Afraid of Edward Albee?" and "The Recluse" (1964), Two Short Plays by Jean-Claude van Itallie (1965), White Whore and the Bit Player, The / La Estrella Y La Monja (1973a), Hessian Corporal, The (1966), Times Square (1968), Melodrama Play (1968), Futz (1968), Changes (1968), Changes (1968), Moments from "Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down," "Who Killed My Bald Sister Sophie?" and "The Four No Plays" (1969), Two By Maria Irene Fornes (1969), 9 To 5 To 0 (1969), Hurricane Of The Eye (1969), Solor Inventions (1969), Rat's Mass, A (1969a), Rat's Mass, A (1969b), In Praise Of Folly (1969), Wanton Soup (1969), Eye in New York (1969), Nova (1969), Nova (1969), Big Charlotte (1969), Sprint Orgasmics (1969), "Ubu" and "Arden of Faversham" (1970), Son of Cock-Strong (1970), Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit (1970), Cock-Strong (1970), Captain Jack's Revenge (1970), Shaved Splits (1970), Night Club, or Bubi's Hide-Away (1970), Monkeys of the Organ Grinder, The (1970), "La Cabeza del Bautista" and "La Rosa de Papel" (1970), Toy Show (1970), Cranes And Peonies (1970), Rat's Mass, A (1971), Thief (1971), Sissy (1972), La MaMa Christmas Show (1971), Persia, A Desert Cheapie (1972), Satyricon (1972), Pomp.eii (1972), Audition! (1972), Sobechanskaya Dances (1972), Thoughts (1972), City of Light (1973), Silver Queen (1973), Golem, The (1974), Stone (1974), Big Mother (1974), Starfollowers In An Ancient Land (1975), "Times Square," "Melodrama Play," And "Futz" (1967), La MaMa Repertory Troupe in London (1967), "Chicago," "Futz" and "Melodrama" in St. Croix (1968), "Times Square" at The Cosmopolitan Club (1968), Three Travelers Watch a Sunrise (1970), Red Horse Animation, The (1970), "Mythos Oedipus" and "Dionysus Filius Dei" (1989)