Seoul Institute of the Arts


Seoul Institute of the Arts (SeoulArts) is a South Korean arts university founded by Yoo Chi-Jin in 1962. SIA has 2400 students in 13 departments. It offers a three-year associate degree program as well as a four-year program for a bachelor's degree. The incumbent president of the university is Duk-Hyung Yoo. It's founding mission is stated as follows: “We shall inherit the spirit and traditions of our country's art and culture and then spread them far and wide. Also, we shall pave the way to discover unexplored forms of art through production and experimentation. We shall nurture emerging artists through production of original work and specialized training to creatively pursue new art forms and gain independent identity and globalization. The truth and beauty these artists realize will ultimately contribute to our country's culture and furthermore to the world’s culture.”

wikipedia and SIA website
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