Lynne Fippinger


"Lynne Fippinger received her B.S. degree from Julliard and went on to study with Bill Hickey and Herbert Berghof. She was seen in the Boston Arts Festival of "Emperor Jones" with James Earle [sic] Jones, in "Alice in Wonderland" at the Actor's Studio directed by Vinette Carroll and in "Opus. 63" at Julliard choreographed by Anna Sokolow. Her last Cafe work was in "Frustrata" at the La MaMa. She is the authoress of such little known works as "My Days with Nora Bayes" and "Gloria Swanson's Swan Song."

Program: "Frustrata" at Caffe Cino (1965) [OBJ.1965.0412]
Frustrata (1965)