Karole Kaye Stevenson


Kaye Stevenson
Kaye Stevenson (1941-2001) was a star of New York's Off-Off Broadway during the 1960's and 70's, the height of experimental and avant garde theatre. She was a member of Tom Eyen's troupe "Theatre of the Eye" and starred in many of his plays, most notably "Sarah B. Divine" in its premier performance at Cafe La Mama in 1967. That same year she also starred in Eyen's adapted production for Menotti's Spoleto, Italy Theatre Festival. Eyen dedicates the Winter House published edition of "Sarah..." to Kaye. Kaye also starred with Bette Midler in Eyen's "Cinderella Revisited" at the East 13th Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village. This was Midlers first starring role. Kaye played "Properella Jones", sister to Midler's "Cinderella Jones".