La MaMa Hollywood


"La Mama Hollywood was formed in 1974 by a few New York La Mama people who had settled in Los Angeles. After a couple of years of wandering from theatre to theatre, the company finally settled in their own intimate 49-seat modular theatre in Hollywood. The company does only original material. Its policy is set up so that any one member can select a script, cast out of its membership and present the play to the artistic directors. In 1976, La Mama Hollywood produced the smash hit "Skyjack '76--Entebbe" for which it was awarded the Drama Critics Circle Award for direction and best all around production. Ellen Stewart, the founder of La Mama New York, rings her bell and says "Welcome to La Mama...dedicated to the play and all aspects of the theatre." She is the governing force which continues to nurture the growing years of La Mama Hollywood."

Program for "Hollywood Heartbreak" (1978) [OBJ.1978.0345]