Hal Borske


Haal Borske
Hal Borske (? - February 2012) was an American actor. Borske was a behind-the-scenes contributor to several of La MaMa's early productions. In 1964, he stage managed "Little Mother" (1964), "The Drunkard" (1964), and "La MaMa Experimental Workshop Presents 'On the Bridge' and 'The Visitor'" (1964). For the latter production he also designed the program cover, the scenery, and the sound effects. He was friends with Andy Milligan (director of La MaMa's inaugural production in 1962), and performed regularly Milligan's horror films-- including "Vapors" (circa 1965), "The Naked Witch" (1967) "Compass Rose" (circa 1967), "The Ghastly Ones" (1968), "Tricks of the Trade" (1968), "The Filthy Five" (1968), "Torture Dungeon" (1970), "Dragula" (1973), "Monstrosity" (1989). Contributors to the Classic Horror Film Board fan forum website offered several tributes to Borske in the aftermath of his death in 2012. One contributor wrote: "Hal -- who was often credited onscreen as Haal, 'for numerological reasons' he told me -- was not only Milligan's favorite actor, but also sometimes his script typist, former roommate and good conscience....[He was] a tender-hearted soul with a raucously naughty sense of humor -- someone who fought valiantly and almost anonymously in the trenches of the no-budget horror movie -- I'll miss him."

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