Paul Foster


Paul Roose-Evans Foster (born October 15, 1931 in Penns Grove, New Jersey) is an American playwright, theater director, and producer. He was a founding member and the first president of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club.
Hurrah For The Bridge (1963), La MaMa E.T.C. presents the first Coffee House Theatre Festival featuring "So Who's Afraid of Edward Albee?" and "The Recluse" (1964), Que Viva El Puente (1964), Balls (1964), Recluse, The (1965), Balm In Gilead (1965), Hurrah For The Bridge (1965), Medea, or Maybe The Stars May Understand, or Veiled Strangeness (1965), Madonna In The Orchard, The (1965), Six Plays From The '65-'66 European Tour (1966), Madonna In The Orchard, The (1966), Before Breakfast (1962), Hessian Corporal, The (1966), Tom Paine (Part I) (1967), Tom Paine (1983), Four No Plays by Tom Eyen (1969), Caution: A Love Story (1969), Sprint Orgasmics (1969), Heimskringla (1970), Reclusa, La (1970b), "La Reclusa" and "Acto Sin Palabras No 1" (1970a), La MaMa Christmas Show (1971), Satyricon (1972), Play-By-Play (1972), Thoughts (1972), Silver Queen (1973), Rags To Riches To Rags (1974), Zainamoh (1976), Da Nutcracker In Da Bronx (1977), Silver Queen Saloon (1978), Elisabeta I (1979), Hurrah for the Bridge (1981), Dark And Mr. Stone, The; Part 2, Murder In The Magnolias (1985), "Hurrah for Bridge" and "Chicago" in Paris (1965), "America Hurrah" and "The Circus" and "Hurrah for the Bridge" in Copenhagen (1965), "The Recluse" and "The Circle" and "Chicago" in Copenhagen (1965), "The Recluse" and "War" in Sweden (1966), "The Hessian Corporal" and "Times Square" in Baltimore (1967), "Futz" and "Tom Paine" in Munich (1967), "6 Pieces From Off-Off-Broadway" (Frankfurt, 1967), "Tom Paine" in Spoleto (1967), La MaMa Repertory Troupe in Stockholm (1967), La MaMa Repertory Troupe in Aarhus (1967), La MaMa Repertory Troupe at Edinburgh International Festival (1967), "Tom Paine" in London (1967), "Heimskringla" on National Educational Television (1969), "Heimskringla" on television in New York (1974), Paul Foster's Christmas Show (1973)