La MaMa's Poster Collection

Thematic Collection

La MaMa's collection of posters is broad in its content, formats, materials, and styles. Some represent a few of the oldest objects in our collection, such as the poster for "One Arm", a play by Tennessee Williams, directed at La MaMa in 1962 by Andy Milligan. Some are singular and one of a kind, made from house paint or collage. Others were printed en mass and exist with many duplicates. The posters themselves are often as much works of art as the plays they are advertising, and represent a wonderful cross section of theater history, design history, and the cultural moments in which they were created.

Many of the posters in this collection were photographed by Carol Rosegg as part of Cindy Rosenthal's history of La MaMa, Ellen Stewart Presents: Fifty Years of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, published in 2017. Her photographs are noted in the object records. Others were digitized as part of the Archive's ongoing effort to preserve and make accessible La MaMa's vast collection. 

More object records are regularly added to this thematic collection, and it should be considered comprehensive but not complete. 
after 1961