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Production: Fando and Lis (1971)

Identifier: PROD.1971.0030
Description: This production was "the East Coast premiere of Arrabel's 'Fando and Lis' using Fenimore actors and 'Y' facilities as part of the 'Tuesday Evenings at the Y' cultural series" at the YM-YWHA of Mid-Westchester in May 1971. Ellen Stewart saw the production and invited the group to perform at La MaMa in June.
--Press for "Fando & Lis" (1971) [OBJ.1971.0114]
Related Entities
Fernando Arrabal (playwright)
Franz Marijnen (director)
Fenimore Players (performer)
Cese MacDonald Wachsman (contributor)
Jean P Weiss (contributor)
Belle Firdman (contributor)
Marianne Koerner (performer)
Richard Koerner (performer)
Jack Putney (performer)
Edward Shiffer (performer)
Stanley Frankel (performer)
William Santini (designer)
Jane Santini (tech)
Marty Dubbs (contributor)
Michael Shiffer (tech)
Jean Cerreta (designer)
Jonathan Wentworth (designer)
Ray Potter (designer)
Helene Trosky (designer)
David Wachsman (documenter)
Pat O'Brien (contributor)
Bobby Meyers (contributor)
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