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Production: Gertrude (1970a)

Identifier: PROD.1970.0052
Related Entities
Murrell Gehman (performer)
William Finley (performer)
Ciel Smith (performer)
John Braswell (performer)
Nancy Heikin (performer)
Donald Arrington (performer)
Margaret Benczak (performer)
Ben Johnston (music)
Wilford Leach (playwright)
John Braswell (director)
Wilford Leach (director)
James Cuomo (music)
Richard Laws (designer)
Peter Murkett (designer)
Michael O'Rand (tech)
Nancy Reeder (designer)
Sandy Spencer (performer)
Zizi Mueller (performer)
Linda Jones (performer)
Dianne Taylor (performer)
Richard Laws (performer)
James Cuomo (performer)
Peter Murkett (performer)
The ETC Company of La MaMa (performer)
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