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Production: "Renard" And "The Only Jealousy Of Emer" (1970b)

Identifier: PROD.1970.0011
Related Entities
Barbara Benary (music)
John Braswell (director)
Wilford Leach (director)
William Butler Yeats (author)
Igor Stravinsky (author)
Murrell Gehman (performer)
Margaret Benczak (performer)
Donald Arrington (performer)
William Finley (performer)
Susan Topping (performer)
Margot Albert (performer)
Dennis Turechek (performer)
Zizi Mueller (performer)
Thomas Beyer (performer)
Kenneth Robertson (performer)
Sandy Spencer (performer)
Thomas Johnson (performer)
Linda Jones (performer)
Thomas Johnson (music)
Phil Phelan (tech)
Patrick McDermott (producer)
The Performance Group (producer)
The ETC Company of La MaMa (producer)
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