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Production: Moon Dreamers, The (1968)

Identifier: PROD.1968.0008
Related Entities
Julie Bovasso (playwright)
Buzz Miller (contributor)
Julie Bovasso (director)
Frank Marino (designer)
Anne Anderson (designer)
Kikuo Saito (designer)
Murray Alcosser (contributor)
Anita Steckel (contributor)
Ken Dewey (contributor)
Julie Bovasso (performer)
Jean David (performer)
Philip Hanson (performer)
Ted Henning (performer)
Adele Mailer (performer)
Buzz Miller (performer)
Ed Riley (performer)
Don Signore (performer)
Herve Villechaize (performer)
Donald L. Brooks (performer)
Kenneth Bowman (tech)
Howard Karsh (designer)
Ian Rodney Calderon (designer)
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Moon Dreamers, The
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