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Production: Tom Paine (Part I) (1967)

Identifier: PROD.1967.0015
Description: "TOM PAINE is a play in two parts. We present part one. The full play will be presented at the Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland, September 4, 1967."

-Program for "Tom Paine (Part I)" (1967) [OBJ.1967.0142]
Related Entities
Paul Foster (playwright)
Tom O'Horgan (director)
Tom O'Horgan (music)
La Mama Repertory Troupe (producer)
Kikuo Saito (designer)
Howard Vichinsky (designer)
Laura Rambaldi (tech)
Gwen Fabricant (designer)
Rene Villafuerte (contributor)
Steve Whitson (tech)
Carl Koprowicz (tech)
Francesca Harris (contributor)
Kevin O'Connor (performer)
John Bakos (performer)
Jerry Cunliffe (performer)
Victor LiPari (performer)
Blanche Dee (performer)
Michael Warren Powell (performer)
Robert Thirkield (performer)
Seth Allen (performer)
Peter Craig (performer)
Beth Porter (performer)
Beverly Atkinson (performer)
Mari-Claire Charba (performer)
Shellie Feldman (performer)
Marilyn Roberts (performer)
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