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Production: People vs. Ranchman, The (1967)

Identifier: PROD.1967.0012
Related Entities
Sydney Schubert Walter (director)
Megan Terry (playwright)
Firehouse Theatre Of Minneapolis (producer)
Dan Priest (performer)
Jim Berry (performer)
Antoinette Maher (performer)
Mike Monson (performer)
Jayne Chamberlin (performer)
Martha Pierce (performer)
Marlow Hotchkiss (performer)
Carol Swardson (performer)
Muniera Jakobi (performer)
Penny Winzen (performer)
David Lueck (performer)
Don Young (performer)
Nancy Hotchkiss (worked for)
Paul Boesing (music)
Chuck Ainsworth (worked for)
Faith Campbell (costumes)
Helen Lehman (costumes)
Nancy Hotchkiss (costumes)