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Production: Black Maria (1987)

Identifier: PROD.1987.0014
Description: "With 'Black Maria,' Mr. Jesurun has moved a step beyond 'Deep Sleep' and 'White Water,' the previous plays in his theater-movies-television cycle. This time, the audience is surrounded by movie screens, four of them as walls and one as ceiling. There are no live actors; the 'play' is entirely on film.

Soon the screens are overflowing with vivid images - of actors and landscapes, both interior and exterior. As in the earlier plays, the actors speak to one another across the heads of theatergoers. We are thrown into the middle of a mystery, a threatening story that has something to do with a lonely house in the country, a leper colony, an escaped convict and a missing, perhaps dead horse."
"Stage - 'Black Maria,' A Play of Film," Mel Gussow, April 14, 1987
Related Entities
John Jesurun (director)
John Jesurun (designer)
Richard Connors (producer)
Curt Rosen (worked for)
James Coleman (tech)
James Coleman (sound)
Kate Yourke (tech)
Bradley Phillips (worked for)
Laurence Tighe (performer)
Black-Eyed Susan (performer)
Jane Smith (performer)
Sanghi Wagner (performer)
Helena White (performer)
Jun Maeda (performer)
Michael Tighe (performer)
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