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Production: The Golden Circle (1972)

Identifier: PROD.1972.0082
Description: "The Golde Circle was first presented at 119 Spring St., N.Y.C., on Sept. 28, 1972. It was directed by the author. Music was by Preston Wood, Steven Fisher and Constance Taylor. Setting was by Charles Terrel. Lighting by David Andrews and Charles Embry. Costumes by Bobby Kubera and Jack Gilbert. Stage Manager: Peggy Gilbride. Company Manager, Bruce Greene."
Introduction to "The Golden Circle: A Fantastic Farce: A Two Act Play," by Robert Patrick. Published by Samuel French, Inc.
Related Entities
Robert Patrick (contributor)
Preston Wood (music)
Steve Fisher (music)
Constance Taylor (music)
Charles Terrel (set design)
David Andrews (lighting designer)
Charles Embry (lighting designer)
Bobby Kubera (costumes)
Jack Gilbert (costumes)
Peggy Gilbride (contributor)
Bruce Greene (contributor)
William Haislip (performer)
Preston Wood (performer)
Matthew Diamond (performer)
Felicia Waynesboro (performer)
Kenny Norris (performer)
John McGowan (performer)
Kenneth Jansen (performer)
Terry Talley (performer)
Denny Leone (performer)
Susan Silversmith (performer)
Carol-rae Kraus (performer)
Barbara Bauer (performer)
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