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Production: Love, In The Eyes Of Hope, Dies Last (1997)

Identifier: PROD.1997.0002
Related Entities
Sofia Murashkovsky (playwright)
Leslie Lee (playwright)
New York Performance Works (producer)
First Breeze Productions (producer)
Amelia Fowler (performer)
Scott Ardizzone (performer)
Juliet Furness (performer)
Alex Schaffer (performer)
Lois Colon (performer)
Giampiero Iudica (performer)
Matt Schapiro (performer)
Linda Creamer (performer)
Alex Johnson (performer)
Liz Maccie (performer)
Tammy Minoff (performer)
Judd Rubin (performer)
John Sharpe (performer)
Randy Schein (performer)
Lenny Singer (performer)
Irma St Paule (performer)