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Production: "Clown Play, The" And "Comings And Goings" (1966)

Identifier: PROD.1966.0022
Description: "The Clown Play" is a scene from Brecht's "The Baden-Baden Lesson on Consent."

In "Comings and Goings, a wheel-of-fortune is spun at a regular interval to determine which actors will play together. The writer has provided the words (the gridiron, the trampoline). The director has made an environment of improvisation and chance so that the actors may improvise freely place, character, situation, style, and play."
--Program: "The Clown Play" and "Comings and Goings" [OBJ.1966.0044]
Related Entities
Open Theatre (producer)
Bertolt Brecht (playwright)
Gerhardt Nellhaus (contributor)
Joseph Chaikin (director)
Gwen Fabricant (designer)
Gerome Ragni (performer)
Joyce Aaron (performer)
James Barbosa (performer)
Megan Terry (playwright)
Peter Feldman (playwright)
Marianne De Pury (music)
Sharon Gans (performer)
Jonathan Kramer (performer)
Marcia Jean Kurtz (performer)
Barbara Vann (performer)
Shami Chaikin (performer)
James E Dwyer (tech)
Rhea Gaisner (contributor)
John Wendell (contributor)
John Niven (contributor)
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