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Production: Quick Nutbread To Make Your Mouth Water, A (1974)

Identifier: PROD.1974.0059
Description: The production was part of the Garden Theatre Festival on May 31, June 7, and June 14. It then moved to Theatre Vanguard for a run from July 26 - August 11.
Related Entities
William Hoffman (playwright)
Jacque Lynn Colton (director)
Rob Hughes (performer)
Kathleen Quinn (performer)
Ned Van Zandt (performer)
Michael Bryan (music)
Verna Rose Smith (performer)
Doug Jones (performer)
Entonius Gregorius (performer)
Scott Kroopf (tech)
Jim Lucero (worked for)
Charles Embry (lighting designer)
Nancy Mirza (tech)
Diana Quinn (press)
Emanuel Peluso (designer)
Albert Goodman (designer)
Tom Conerly (designer)
Judie Kerr (tech)
Joel August (tech)