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Production: "The Architect and The Emperor of Assyria" in Venezuela (1978)

Identifier: PROD.1978.0061
Description: "Dedicated to the memory of Ms. Ninon Tallon Karlweis (1908-1977)."
--Correspondence and Production Notes for "The Architect and The Emperor of Assyria" [OBJ.1978.0324]
Related Entities
Fernando Arrabal (playwright)
Tom O'Horgan (director)
Thomas Kopache (performer)
Raymond Patterson (performer)
Galen McKinley (tech)
Nelly Vivas (worked for)
The Nelly Vivas Company (performer)
Bill Stabile (set design)
Cheryl Thacker (lighting designer)
Joseph Aulisi (costumes)
Barbara Sexton (designer)
Tom O'Horgan (music)
Everard d'Harnoncourt (adapter)
Adele Shank (adapter)
M A Whiteside (contributor)
David Congdon (sound)
Seth Sternberg (designer)
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