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Production: "The Architect and The Emperor of Assyria" in Philadelphia (1977)

Identifier: PROD.1977.0042
Related Entities
Fernando Arrabal (playwright)
Tom O'Horgan (director)
Tom O'Horgan (music)
The Nelly Vivas Company (performer)
Raymond Patterson (performer)
Thomas Kopache (performer)
Naseer El-Kadi (performer)
Nameer El-Kadi (performer)
Bill Stabile (set design)
Cheryl Thacker (lighting designer)
Joseph Aulisi (costumes)
Galen McKinley (tech)
Nelly Vivas (worked for)
Barbara Sexton (designer)
M A Whiteside (contributor)
David Congdon (contributor)
Serge Gubelman (music)
Everard d'Harnoncourt (adapter)
Adele Shank (adapter)
Annenberg Center (producer)
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