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Work: Witnesses, The

Identifier: WORK.1965.0076
Description: "The Witnesses" is a collective title for three short plays by the Polish author Tadeusz Rozewicz. The first play, the most abstract, is a string of metaphors convey a view of man's condition....The second play presents a young married couple at breakfast planning their day.  They work very hard at it, as if a night of sleep cuts them off drastically from life and contact must be reestablished. By means of a forced calm, a dedicated attention to trivia, and a patronizing attitude toward other people, they organize the day's activity...The key to the piece is the husband's matter-of-fact account, as he watches at the window, or two children tormenting and then destroying a kitten...The children quite coldly mutilate and murder the animal and the husband blandly but not indifferently reports the event to his wife who isn't listening.

"In the third play two men facing in opposite directions have a conversation of sorts. Constantly demanding attention of each other, they deliver up monologues of self-revelation which reveal next to nothing and on top of it are not being listened to. Through it all an injured dog suffers an elaborate death agony at the feet of one of the men, whose only response is to intersperse his fatuous self-revelations with bulletins on the progress of the dog's demise."
--Review of "The Witnesses" (1965) [OBJ.1966.0009]
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