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Production: Dance/Theatre of Richard S Bach (1984)

Identifier: PROD.1984.0015
Related Entities
Richard S Bach (choreographer)
Paula Macali (performer)
Miriam Hertzson (performer)
Richard S Bach (performer)
Fernando Arrabal (author)
Richard S Bach (set design)
Richard S Bach (costumes)
Philip Bliwas (set design)
Philip Bliwas (costumes)
Tim Goslin (set design)
Tim Goslin (costumes)
Howard Thies (lighting designer)
Michael Carey (sound)
Patti Olean (tech)
Michael Howett (designer)
Michael Howett (press)
Gerald Thomas (contributor)
Carol Penn Muhammad (contributor)
Faun Bennett (designer)
Roberto Guidote (tech)
Studio Nuage Theatre And Dance (producer)
Related La MaMa Venue
74A East 4th Street