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Production: Arbor, The (1983)

Identifier: PROD.1983.0032
Description: "The Arbor", written by British playwright, Andrea Dunbar, was presented by The Shalika Co. and produced at La MaMa in 1982. The play follows a fifteen-year-old working-class girl in Yorkshire. The play is semi-autobiographical and features two acts.

Additional objects related to this production include production photographs taken by Jerry Vezzuso [OBJ.1983.0375], a show program [OBJ.1983.0125], and a promotional mailer [OBJ.1983.0129], in addition to other records. 
Related Entities
Andrea Dunbar (playwright)
The Shaliko Company (producer)
Leonardo Shapiro (director)
Bill Mikulewicz (set design)
Arden Fingerhut (lighting designer)
Sally Lesser (costumes)
Helen Nicholas (performer)
Christian Baskous (performer)
Catherine Tambini (performer)
Peter Rogan (performer)
Leslie Lyles (performer)
Elizabeth Perkins (performer)
Paul Walker (performer)
Steven Marcus (performer)
Gary Easterling (performer)
Christopher McCann (producer)
Susanne Jul (tech)
Veronica Worth (tech)
Ed DiLello (music)
Bill Dreisbach (sound)
Marthe Jocelyn (costumes)
Tom Slaughter (designer)
Gordon Jacoby (contributor)
Nick Wolff Linden (tech)
Ellen Novack (contributor)
Dennis McHugh (tech)
Owen Parmele (tech)
John Enea (tech)
Lily Vakili (tech)
Elizabeth Perkins (tech)
David Post (tech)
John Evans (tech)
Robert Burke (tech)
Mark Maniac (tech)
Tom Flynn (tech)
Michael Hennen (tech)
Roberto Guidote (tech)
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Arbor, The
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74A East 4th Street