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Production: Hotel Play, The (1981)

Identifier: PROD.1981.0026
Related Entities
Cooper-Keaton Group (producer)
Wallace Shawn (playwright)
John Ferraro (director)
Michael P Moran (set design)
Richard Weinstock (music)
Greg MacPherson (lighting designer)
Abigail Murray (costumes)
Dan Ziegler (tech)
Christian Holt (tech)
Adam Muhleisen (tech)
Jennifer Shaw (costumes)
Griffin Dunne (performer)
Elizabeth McGovern (performer)
Arthur Erickson (performer)
Judy Thomas (performer)
Wendy Wasserstein (performer)
Nick Smith (performer)
Maura Moynihan (performer)
Tom Costello (performer)
Alice Playten (performer)
Jay Hamburger (performer)
Abigail Costello (performer)
Charlie Peruzzi (performer)
Joan Kahn (performer)
Olivia Kahn (performer)
Grant Ujifusa (performer)
Lisa Walker (performer)
Tom McDermott (performer)
Christopher Durang (performer)
Larry Pine (performer)
Sean Peruzzi (performer)
Jacob Pine (performer)
Wallace Shawn (performer)
Ann Lange (performer)
Dominick Dunne (performer)
Linda Hunt (performer)
Mary Hayden (performer)
Angela Pietropinto (performer)
Beth Chimera (performer)
Ed Bullins (performer)
Michael Murphy (performer)
Ward Bronson (performer)
Omar Shapli (performer)
Richard Peterson (performer)
Amy Robinson (performer)
Deborah Rush (performer)
Mark Linn-Baker (performer)
Ron Faber (performer)
Dwytt Dayan (performer)
John Rothman (performer)
Harsh Nayyar (performer)
Deborah Eisenberg (performer)
Douglas Warhit (performer)
Frank Modell (performer)
Jim Stevenson (performer)
Wayne Adams (performer)
Michael P Moran (performer)
Margaret Pine (performer)
Sakina Jaffrey (performer)
Joel Simon (performer)
David Stock (performer)
Gabrielle Kelly (performer)
Ann Beattie (performer)
Niambi Steele (performer)
Robert Plunket (performer)
Judith Del Giudice (performer)
Peter Arnoff (performer)
Ellen Dennis (performer)
June Brokman (performer)
Susan Stein (performer)
Dick D'Alessandro (performer)
Joseph Siravo (performer)
Amy Schewel (performer)
Beverly Barbieri (performer)
Jackie Judd (performer)
Jennifer Dayan (performer)
Billy Gallo (performer)
Rose Moore (performer)
Carrick Glenn (performer)
Lynn Holst (performer)
Aimee Simons (performer)
Betsy Cohen (performer)
Ruth Ann Perry (performer)
Tom Perry (performer)
Louis Riskin (performer)
William Duffy (performer)
Vincent Wiggens (performer)
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