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Production: Cafe La MaMa Experimental Theater Presents H. M. Koutoukas' "Omy Queen Of The Fairies," And "Tidy Passions, Or, Kill Kaleidascope Kill" (1965)

Identifier: PROD.1965.0019
Related Entities
H.M. Koutoukas (author)
Helen Hanft (performer)
Tosh Carillo (performer)
Linn Johnson (performer)
Charles Stanley (performer)
Alice Turner (performer)
Eczema Creme (performer)
Jacque Lynn Colton (performer)
Ellen Levine (tech)
Charles Stanley (music)
H.M. Koutoukas (director)
Mari-Claire Charba (performer)
Andrew Sherwood (performer)
Related La MaMa Venue
122 Second Avenue