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Production: Francis-Day, The (1973)

Identifier: PROD.1973.0027
Description: "In October, through the kindness and generosity of Ellen Stewart, the Everyman Company was given the rare opportunity of creating a workshop to develop a new work. During the past eight months, 'The Francis-Day' emerged..."
Source: Program for "The Francis-Day" (1973) [OBJ.1973.0189]
Related Entities
Brother Jonathan, O.S.F. (author)
Patti Anne (performer)
Michael Arkin (performer)
Rudy Benda (performer)
Eileen Boyd (performer)
Vincent Caristi (performer)
Michel DeMatteis (performer)
Lauren George (performer)
Sue Ann Goldmann (performer)
Phyllis Hersh (performer)
Vivian Huhs (performer)
Barry Johnson (performer)
Tom LaGrue (performer)
Bernard Mantell (performer)
John McDonald (performer)
Frank Melodia (performer)
Mary Murtagh (performer)
Elliott Raines (performer)
Jimmy Rilley (performer)
Ron Rosen (performer)
Jeff Schecter (performer)
John Tyrcha (performer)
John Harbaugh (performer)
John Campagne (performer)
Seymour Barab (music)
Bryan Williams (music)
Frank Melodia (choreographer)
Rudy Benda (choreographer)
Deborah Ann Gorelick (lighting designer)
Brother Jonathan, O.S.F. (set design)
Jania Szatanski (costumes)
Dolores Cregor (designer)
Louis Ebarb (designer)
Michael Arkin (producer)
Brother Jonathan, O.S.F. (director)
Tony Schwab (director)
Cindy S Tennenbaum (tech)
Valerie Chakedis (tech)
Pam Fredericks (tech)
Richard Grossberg (tech)
Marc Peimer (tech)
Gerald Rothman (tech)
Alan Basch (tech)
Ken Thomas (tech)
Doreen DiBiagio (tech)
Marguerite McLaughlin (tech)
Lenny Menchini (tech)
Eileen Boyd (tech)
Michel DeMatteis (tech)
John Hamill (tech)
Frank Melodia (tech)
Bonnie Weston (tech)
Joyce Saffir (adapter)
Everyman Company (contributor)
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