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Production: Short Bullins (1972)

Identifier: PROD.1972.0030
Description: The production, a series of four one-acts, was written by Ed Bullins and directed by Allie Woods, with music by Aaron Bell. The four one-acts in the production are titled: “How Do You Do?”, “A Minor Scene”, “Dialect Determinism”, and “It Has No Choice”. 
Related Entities
Ed Bullins (playwright)
Allie Woods (director)
Femi (tech)
Aaron Bell (music)
Billye Hatcher (choreographer)
Charles Terrel (set design)
Cheryl Thacker (lighting designer)
Ed Bernard (performer)
Rosalyn Gibson (performer)
Frank Carey (performer)
Basil Anthony Wallace (performer)
Nomi Mitty (performer)
Maurice Watson (performer)
Dean Irby (performer)
Evamarii Johnson (performer)
Hasafa Assalam (performer)
Sam Singleton (performer)
Aaron Bell (performer)
Brenda White (performer)
Willie Kitchelle (performer)
Hank Freeman (performer)
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