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Playwright File: John Jesurun

Description: File contains a copy of the April 1992 issue of the Japanese publication Les Specs; invitations to a program, directed by John Jesurun, of works by the German playwright René Pollesch (CUNY Graduate Center, 2003); postcards from Jesurun to Stewart from Germany, Mexico, and Greece; a letter to Stewart, sent by Jesurun, from his associates on Fausto in the Teatro de Arena (Martín Acosta, Matías Gorlero, Arturo Reyes, Blanca Forzán, Luis Mario Moncada, and Marco Pérez) and the Compañía Nacional de Teatro (Laura Almela, Carmen delgado, Miguel Angel Ferriz, and Georgina Tabora); programs for Howl!: The 2nd Annual Festival of East Village Arts, the 2004 Next Wave Festival (at which Jesurun presented Faust/How I Rose); a booklet from Jesurun's installation, Ojo Caliente; papers relating to an application for funding from the Rockefeller Foundation; an Artservices packet of photocopies press clippings, along with additional photocopied stories, relating to White WaterChang in a Void MoonRed HouseRiderless HorseNumber Minus OneDog's Eye ViewBird's Eye View; and Deep Sleep; programs for The Shatterhand Massacree - Riderless Horse (The Kitchen, 1987), Chang in a Void Moon (Limbo, 1985); translations of articles from several German and Dutch newspapers; promotional postcards for Chang in a Void Moon (Limbo, 1985), Number Minus One (Performing Garage), and Riderless Horse (Pyramid); typescript biographies of Jesurun; budgetary documents for Iron Lung (La MaMa, 1992); and a press kit on Jesurun's work.

Contains a complete copie of Les Specs (April 1992.)

Document format: Press, Production or Tour Notes, Promotional Materials, Programs, Correspondence
1983 - 2005
Language: Japanese, English, German
Identifier: OBJ.1983.0263
Measurements: 8.5 in; 8.5 in; 8.3 in (width; width; width) x 11 in; 14 in; 11.7 in (height; height; height)
LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Jesurun, John
Stewart, Ellen, 1919-2011
Pollesch, René, 1962-
Buscemi, Steve, 1958-
Compañía Nacional de Teatro (Mexico)
LCSH Subjects: Off Off-Broadway theater
Experimental theater--New York (State)--New York
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