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Resident company: Pan Asian Repertory Theatre Inc

Alternate Name: Chinese Theatre Group
Founded in 1977 by Tisa Chang, the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre (PART) is one of the earliest theatres on the East Coast to explore the Asian-American experience. The company grew out of a group formed by Chang within La MaMa called the Chinese Theatre Group during the early 1970s and may have connections to La MaMa Chinatown (co-founded by La MaMa, Jing-Jyi Wu and Ching Yeh in 1970), though their artistic visions were significantly different. PART specializes in intercultural productions of new Asian-American new plays, English translations of Asian classics, and innovative adaptations of Western classics.
Source: Lee, Esther Kim. A History of Asian American Theatre. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2006;
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