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Organization: The Wherehouse

Company name: Wherehouse La MaMa Founders: Beth Porter, Peter Reid, Tony Sibbald Established: 1968 Reason: To establish a European based La MaMa troupe Current Status: Disbanded 1971/2 Area of work: Experimental Policy: ‘The company is dedicated to ‘Total Theatre’ and establishing a living dialogue between the actors and the audience. This work involves a degree of audience participation and explores the physical and vocal disciplines, improvisation, music, mime and acrobatics.’ (Publicity, 1969) Structure: Worked in a non-hierarchical environment, where one actor would step outside a rehearsal and direct for a bit, then rejoin the working process, followed by another stepping outside and so on. (The founders also felt it would be impossible to find a director who could replace Tom O’Horgan who had led their work with the New York La MaMa troupe). Patrons: Victor Spinetti, Ellen Stewart, James Mossman, Peter Shaffer and Tom O’Horgan. Based: London
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